Thursday, February 19, 2009

Portabello Pixie

Ok, so spring has GOT to get here some time or another. If it waits until JUNE like it did last year I might turn into a full and complete NUTTER!!!

Anyway, my thoughts are going to spring! Which helps me forget the fact that my roof has an ice dam 6" thick and Colton woke up this morning to CHINESE WATER TORTURE as my 4 month old windows drip WATER onto his headboard, and then onto his HEAD. I used to like winter.....I think the affair might be OVER!!!

Ok, back to more important things. Sandi Henderson has this FABITY FAB pattern that she designed. I bought it at a trunk show and think it is ADORABLE and think that this might be the time to get it out and make a truly FUN dress for the Liv.

Check out Sandi's blog....
she has got some GREAT stuff going on!!!

I am making the pattern listed as the Claire. I also have a pattern she designed for a market bag. I am thinking EASTER!!! Plenty of time....... RIGHT!?!