Thursday, May 7, 2015

Upcycling project!

My daughter had a dress she got for her sweet 16 at forever 21 that her legs grew out of (think bootie short)... I loved the bubble gum pink so I made some super ruffle capris out of them.  Liv loves them, I am on the fence because they are soooo out there.
Detail of the ruffles for miles...
Upcycling can be a lot of fun - Sofanna may have cried a little when I cut her dress up.  I admit it was a hard thing to do.

Still kicking!

I haven't been posting much latley, military life does that sometimes.  Sewing has been at the bottom of a box...literally.

This new house has maids quarters (not as glamorous as one might think) and we made it into a sewing room for now.
I have been pattern testing for Signature creations and just finished this little outfit - I don't want her face on here as she's not my little one and feel that is only a Momma's right.

The front turned out adorable though...
I did a size 10 for her as well and took some pics of 'the Liv' that turned out pretty good for being iPhone shots.
This is the "Birdie ruffle skirt" by Signature creations.  Available in short or maxi shirt options.  It was a fun sew and the pattern would be rated beginner in my estimation and it is available with tutorial for a PDF purchase and instant delivery.  
It turned out pretty stinking cute in lace as well no?  A little Marie Antionette inspired?

Well the pattern was a success and now I am in the process of testing a shirts pattern that will echo the ruffles here.  Stay tuned for those :)