Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first quilt...

This is my first attempt at peicing a quilt, although I DID hand quilt panels some ump-teen years ago for my first children {cringe}.

After deciding to go back to school {both my husband and I} we had the most lovely surprise. LIVVY!!! Two semesters into our degrees, what we thought was impossible happened, and although we were really surprised I was also eXtAtIc! Then I found out it was a GIRL!!!

That is when I went back to sewing. I found this cute little pattern called "five n dime" and the fabric was all in a kit {how hard could it be really?} and decided that my baby was going to have a really cute hand made quilt by her Mommy.

Well reality hit and hit fast. School took up most of my time. And then when the baby arrived, school took a back seat and soon I chose to be home all of the time with my kids { yay! }. Anyway, by the time I decided to start this project, it went from a cutsie little baby quilt, to a baby quilt and a twin, to two matching twin quilts.

I made a ton of mistakes, it was my first time with a rotary cutter and had to buy more fabric {also might be the most expensive first quilts ever}.

In the end I had a lot of fun with them. I machine embroidered a block with their initials on them. I also machine quilted {on my old 73 Bernina Record} the quilt for Savannah by my lonesome and finished it about 1 hour before it was due on my professors desk as a final {arghh }. I did some fun things, like put an outline of her foot on one block and her hand on another. It was impossibly difficult, and now that Olivia's quilt top is done I am not sure if I can muster the strength to try it again. But I might because it was so personal. Who knows.


  1. Oh, it is so sweet! Love it! What a lucky little girl.

  2. What a lovely quilt! I love the special touch of the initial.