Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pick me!!!

Amy Hamberlin at the Quilt Shoppe is giving away an aDoRaBlE quilt. I have ooooohed and ahhhhed over this thing since it was first hung. Why? Because it takes quilting into a new generation really. Not a "granny" quilt that is for sure. My Savannah {no Liv is not an only child tee hee } thinks it is a ton of fun, and wishes aloud that it was hanging on her wall!

Well that is where YOU come in my dear friend....{yes, I am after something}

Check out Amy's blog for her amazing and fun patterns {and soon to be cUtSie fabric}, then comment on that quilt give away. Tell her I sent you {by name, or by blog address} and we both get an entry!!! Looove it!

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