Wednesday, July 8, 2009

leftovers.....what to do with THAT?

K so in the last post I mentioned that I had to rebuy fabric because it was my first rotary cutter experience. When I finished up I had a PILE of fabric in assorted sizes that I couldn't throw away, but weren't any good for the quilts.

So when packing things up {and stalling putting any sewing parafanalia away} I found the scraps and did a few fun things.
First of all since we are going to be in small digs {about 1/2 or less of the square footage we are living in now} I decided that throw pillows in my girls room was not going to happen. So, for fun I made them pillows, embroidered their names on them, and then put picos around the band in the fabric from the quilt. Savannah did her own picos in random sizes and sewed it with NO help {atta girl}.

The second thing I did was take a pattern from Portabello Pixie called Claire, and I chose the option of making the "Petal Dress" which is option A in the line up below ....check it out! Sandi Henderson has a lot of fun with what she does! She not only designed the dresses, but the fabric too! {wow!}

And just like anything else, different product from a different person, mine turned out quite a bit different, but it was a ton of fun! I will be making this from more funky fabric to celebrate getting "settled" in when we move. Hopefully I will become better at my photo skills and my pics will be cutsie too!

Man I love that kid! { she is hiding her hot pink wrap over her broken thumb - aw.}

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  1. What absolutely adorable dresses! I looove them :) And thank you for visiting my blog :) I really appreciated your comment, and I am so happy that the picture you saw made a difference. That is my niece and nephew and she is such a sweet older sister to him. She doesnt know he has down syndrome b/c the parents havent told her, they know she will figure it out as she gets older. Anyway- thanks again!