Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ok, so Amy Hamberlin (http://katicupcakequiltingco.blogspot.com)just did a quick intro on her new patterns, one of which is called the "Darla Jumper", and since she did so I figured I would be ok to show you the finished project I have been working on. I did my first ever pattern testing!

It couldn't have come at a better time. I always have STUFF going on, however the challenge for me for this last little bit, and probably for the entire summer is to find things that surpasses STUFF and moves onto something I could get into. Something motivating, and even better, something with a deadline.

I had a hoot doing this, hope that the project came out the way it was supposed to, and hope that I get the chance to do it again.

The only draw back was that the Liv cut her hair just days before I wanted to go take pics. Her hair was "puffy" and she tried to comb it and it wouldn't lay down. So the solution logical to her was to simply cut off all of the curls. Thus the hat.

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