Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Day of School Jitters...

I start a beginners quilt class tomorrow.
I am way excited!
Also a little nervous.
Course materials via class 'syllabus':
~sewing machine. check. Although I don't relish the thought of anyone looking down their noses at my 'vintage' case and late 60's model Bernina, I love it and it runs a tight ship.
~cutting mat and ruler. check. Although, it does sport some rather primitive art courtesy of the Liv.
~scissors. check. I have Gingers...that someone (cough cough) cut something round and metal (similar to I dunno...wire!) with so there is a glitch in them.
~rotary cutter. check. double check! Just got a new blade too.
~new needles, power cord and pedal, straight pins...check
~one layer cake, CHECK, my favorite part. It was so hard choosing, but I finally ended up with "fandango" by Kate Spain for Moda. Lots of fun "flirty" colors and forms, but a nice dose of dark brown which if this project goes to fruition will make a nice throw on a chocolate brown leather sofa. mmmmmmm.

I am pretty confident, although I don't have anything new for back to school that I have never been happier to go to class!

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