Monday, May 10, 2010

getting rolling again....

So our home here in Kuna is newer than our last one, but smaller. Creating a challenge as to making room for the hobbies. My family has been very patient with how much room I can make a project consume. But the creative juices have started to flow, and I either have to get rid of all of my fabric stash or start creating again. I would much rather create.

Three things in the works.

First is a little simple skirt I made for the Liv and Savannah both. Hope it works out ok because I didn't use a pattern and the one for Savannah makes me nervous because she is getting a shape to her and I don't want it to look funny.

Second is a little "love" gift for two little girls of a old friend whom we have recently reconnected with. Lovers of all things pink, the brighter the better, I have had the challenge of finding something to make for them that didn't rely on fit ( I have no access to their measurements etc.) or that the items wouldn't be so bulky it would be pricey to ship. Almost done with those two little peices of fun.

And third I am making a couple of jumpers, one for Savannah and one for Olivia out of the patterns that I made for our humanitarian project. I HAVE to know that they will work before I send that much fabric under the knife.

All fun! All worth doing.... THIS WEEK!

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