Thursday, May 13, 2010

OOOhhh fun fun!

So really I only have one follower on this blog so really I can ~AlMoSt~ say whatever I want with no real concequence. Not changing the world here. I am totally ok with that because I aDoRe my one follower (hi Mia!). That said; I have a secret! One that came with a confidentiality (is that a word?) notice. I am really excited because it entails sewing, which I enjoy. Also since my dh is going to be gone for a TON in forseeable future I am glad to have a challenge laid in front of me and to have a deadline to meet. Will find out soon when it will be ok to spill the beans...

AND something fun for me coming in the mail (not bills! woot!)

In the mean time I have three projects in the works that have got to be done BEFORE I begin my new one, so I better get on that!

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