Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do you think about THAT!?

My sister emailed me a link today. Check it OUT!!! www.limericki.com

I have had it up to HERE. I have friends from diverse back grounds that don't necessarily share my religious point of view. I make sure that I am not knocking their way of life and yet every once in a while I have to cringe when a comment is made on fb or other forum about sounding like a "silly mormon". Thanks. No really.

I am NOT gonna stack up any soap boxes, but when my sister emailed me this link I thought "Ya know! Pretty good for some 'silly' mormons!"

I admire so deeply people, who in their own way get wayyyy way creative and yet hold onto their standards. I can't say I have always managed that, it is no small feat. Not to mention those that can find a hole in a market and fill it in such a fun, creative, postitive way! I have to say thanks for the inspiration!

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