Monday, May 17, 2010

It's HERE!!!

It isn't a big deal. Really. It isn't making me any side income or putting me in the papers or anything, but I really am excited to do this. Why? It is something new. Something to challenge me while I am trying to get used ,to being alone a LOT this summer. It is still under wraps as part of the deal, but I have been kind of kicked in the rear to get going by having a deadline.

As a result, I have finished a TON of stuff and have just been knocking projects out that have been lingering here and there. That is a great thing!

So for now, no pics on the "big" project, but I can post pics of the projects that I have been working on!

Yesterday I finished a fun little gift for a friends children. Pink is good for them and the brighter the better so I made them a little something that would be fairly light to mail. And while I was at it I made the Liv a hair bow to match a skirt I made, and then "upcycled" a top so she has a whole outfit. I love the lime green and tirquoise together!

Then I started a project that I volunteered for. Almost done with that, but my back started to really hurt so I quit for a while. It is a bag that straps on the front of a walker. It is for a woman who lives in an assisted living center near our subdivision. Her bag was ripping and she saw that I sew and asked that I make her a replacement. Hopefully she will approve. I added the pockets on the front for eyeglasses or pens or anything she desires so it won't all sink to the bottom and have to be rummaged for.

Oh and I recovered my ironing board because it did not deserve all the yummy fabric it is going to help iron without a facelift.

And as an added bonus I had the fabric on hand ALSO had the trim that matches which was not necessary but fun none the less. I have loads of vintage trim from my Grandma B. Awesome that the colors are EXACTLY the same.

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